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Poultry farming can be a profitable business in Nigeria, whether you are starting small or going big. Nonetheless, it requires sufficient knowledge, experience and hard work. Starting a poultry farm isn’t a spontaneous affair, but rather a planned process and a considerable investment.

Whether you are starting a small or large-scale commercial poultry farm, this guide will give you an in-depth insight on how to start a poultry farm business in Nigeria.

Types of Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria comes in three types; layers farming, broilers farming, and both layers and broilers farming. Layers offer a good return on investment, while broilers grow fast and are harvested within a short period. Poultry farmers can also combine the two methods for increased profit. It’s imperative to conduct thorough research before starting a poultry farm.


The first and most crucial step for starting a poultry farm is selecting a suitable location. Ensure that the chosen area has ample space, good accessibility and is within proximity to your target market. Consider the transportation system, proximity to feeds, vaccines, and veterinary services availability.


The poultry business requires a significant amount of capital to get started. It would be wise to seek advice from poultry farming experts to inquire about the amount of capital required for a particular poultry farming type. You can also conduct research on the costing of equipment, recreational facilities, feeding troughs and cleaning tools, and other necessary equipment and tools.


Proper housing for poultry farming is crucial for optimal production. When selecting the type of poultry housing, consider factors such as available space, climate, and the number of birds to be housed. The housing should also offer proper ventilation, lighting, and warmth. A good poultry house should be located away from predatory animals and be easy to clean.


Feeding is one of the most significant expenses incurred when it comes to poultry farming. You should give your birds proper feeding, nutrition and supplements. Ensure that your birds get an adequate and balanced diet, clean water, and the right dosage of vaccines and vitamins. It is vital to consider a good veterinary doctor or consultant who will be recommending doses and supplements in your feeds to ensure maximum profit from your investments.


You must obtain the necessary licenses and permits from the authorities in Nigeria before starting your poultry farm business. Contact the Nigerian Agricultural Advisory Service or other offices within your state for guidance on the required licenses and permits.


Marketing is a crucial factor in any agribusiness venture. Identify your target market and methods of advertisement for effective marketing. Ensure you have researched your competition and are aware of their pricing while drafting your marketing strategy.


Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria requires adequate planning, capital investment, and essential knowledge. Take the necessary steps in planning the right location, capital and expenses, housing, feeding, licensing, and marketing. Don’t forget to consult poultry farming experts for guidance when starting your poultry farm business.

We hope this post has provided insights into starting a poultry farm business in Nigeria. Remember to conduct thorough research and utilize available resources to mitigate possible challenges.

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