If you are looking for a profitable agribusiness in Nigeria, then snail farming is one worthy of consideration. Nigeria is said to be one of the best places to farm snails due to the climatic conditions, and the demand for snail meat is rising in the country.

In this article, we will discuss step by step guidelines on how to start a snail farming business in Nigeria and make huge profits.

Why Snail Farming is a Profitable Business in Nigeria

The demand for snail meat in Nigeria has been on the rise because of its high nutritional value, low cholesterol content, and medicinal benefits. Snail meat is a common delicacy in Nigeria, and it is consumed by many people. It is also an essential ingredient in many dishes and soups in Nigeria.

Starting a Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

Starting a snail farming business in Nigeria does not require much capital, but it requires adequate planning, a good location, and the right species. Here are the steps to start a snail farming business in Nigeria:

1. Conduct Research

The first thing you need to do is conduct research on snail farming in Nigeria. You need to gather information on the best species of snails to rear, the market demand, suppliers of snail feed, and government regulations on snail farming. You can also contact snail farmers in your area for more information and attend conferences and seminars on snail farming in Nigeria.

2. Develop a Business Plan

After conducting research, you need to develop a business plan for your snail farming business. Your business plan should include a feasibility study, marketing plan, and financial plan. It should outline your objectives, target market, and strategies for profit-making.

3. Choose a Good Location

The location of your snail farm is crucial to your success in the business. Your snail farm should be located in an area with adequate water supply, moderate temperature, low humidity, and free from predators. You should also consider the proximity to the market.

4. Buy Good Snails

The next step is to buy good snails for your snail farm. You can buy the snails from a reputable supplier or from another snail farmer. You should opt for species that are resistant to disease and can reproduce quickly.

5. Construct a Snail Pen

After getting the snails, you need to construct a snail pen. Your pen should be properly ventilated, have enough space for the snails to move, and be secure to protect against predators.

6. Feed the Snails

Snails feed on a variety of foods like vegetables, fruits, leaves, and cereals. You should ensure that the snails have access to adequate food and water. Snails are selective feeders, and it is important to give them a balanced diet.

7. Market Your Snails

The final step is to market your snails. You can sell your snails to restaurants, supermarkets, and individuals who want them for personal consumption. You should also consider exporting your snails to other countries.

Challenges of Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

Like every business in Nigeria, snail farming has its challenges. Some of the challenges include inadequate funding, the high cost of snail feed, pest infestation, and low demand for snail meat in some areas. However, with proper planning and management, these challenges can be overcome.


Snail farming business is a profitable business in Nigeria, and with proper planning, management, and marketing, you can make huge profits. Snail farming offers opportunities for employment, income generation, and improved nutrition.

Furthermore, the market for snail meat is vast, and the demand is increasing. Take the necessary steps to start your snail farming business in Nigeria today, and be on your way to making huge profits.

We hope this detailed article has provided you with all the necessary information you need to start a snail farming business in Nigeria. For more information on agriculture in Nigeria, visit our website and drop your comments and questions.

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