The technology industry is on the rise in Nigeria, and with it comes an increase in job opportunities. The industry attracts some of the highest paying job offers available in the country, making it an attractive sector for professionals across different fields. The sector is not only lucrative but also offers innovative and creative job opportunities that encourage growth.

In this comprehensive post, we will discuss the top 10 highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria. We will look at each position’s responsibilities, skills required, and average salary range.

Top 10 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria

Below are updated list of highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria and their salaries.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become an essential part of the technology industry, and the demand for professionals with these skills is on the rise. An AI and Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for designing and developing sophisticated algorithms that improve system performance for different applications.

AI and Machine Learning Engineers require a deep understanding of machine learning, programming languages, data structures, and mathematical algorithms. They earn between NGN 18,000,000 to NGN 20,000,000 annually.

2. Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers are responsible for designing and developing end-to-end applications. They manage both front-end and back-end components of a system and are proficient in different programming languages and software development frameworks.

Full-stack developers require advanced knowledge of programming languages, database management, and system architecture development. They earn between NGN 5,000,000 to NGN 12,000,000 annually.

3. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining systems that automate software deployment processes. They work with developers, architects, and project managers to ensure that software development is integrated into the project lifecycle.

DevOps Engineers require advanced skills in system administration, programming, and software development tools. They earn between NGN 12,000,000 to NGN 15,000,000 annually.

4. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining cloud infrastructure for an organization. They work with different stakeholders of an organization to understand their requirements, recommend cloud solutions and manage cloud resources.

Cloud Architects require advanced knowledge of cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and cloud infrastructure development tools. They earn between NGN 12,000,000 to NGN 15,000,000 annually.

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for designing, developing, and deploying analytical models that can extract insights from structured and unstructured data. They work with stakeholders to understand their data analysis requirements and develop data visualization dashboards that interpret data in a user-friendly format.

Data Scientists require advanced knowledge of data analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, and statistical models. They earn between NGN 7,500,000 to NGN 13,000,000 annually.

6. Information Security Manager

Information Security Managers are responsible for ensuring that an organization’s information and technology systems are secure and protected from cyber threats. They develop security policies, monitor access to information systems and assess risks associated with data breaches.

Information Security Managers require advanced knowledge of security frameworks and principles, risk assessment techniques, and security policies and protocols. They earn between NGN 12,000,000 to NGN 20,000,000 annually.

7. UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designers are responsible for designing the user interface and experience for applications, websites, and other digital products. They work in collaboration with developers to create designs that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and interactive.

UX/UI designers require advanced knowledge of design software, user interface design principles, and visual design aesthetics. They earn between NGN 6,000,000 to NGN 10,000,000 annually.

8. Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for managing technology projects from start to finish. They work with different stakeholders to define project scope, manage resources, and deliver projects within the given timeline and budget.

Project Managers require advanced skills in project management methodologies, communication, and collaboration tools. They earn between NGN 7,500,000 to NGN 16,000,000 annually.

9. Business Analyst

Business Analysts are responsible for analyzing business information, identifying trends, and providing insights to improve the business performance of an organization. They work with different stakeholders to understand their requirements, analyze data, and develop business reports.

Business Analysts require advanced knowledge of data analytics tools, business intelligence tools, and business process modeling techniques. They earn between NGN 6,000,000 to NGN 12,000,000 annually.

10. Technical Writer

Technical Writers are responsible for creating user manuals, technical documents, and other technical reports that communicate complex technical information in a simplified format. They work with developers and engineers to understand the system specifications and develop technical documents.

Technical Writers require advanced knowledge of technical writing tools, publication software, and writing styles. They earn between NGN 4,500,000 to NGN 10,000,000 annually.


Technology offers some of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria with various growth opportunities. The sector requires professionals with advanced skills in different fields, including programming languages, data analytics, system architecture, and leadership skills.

We hope this comprehensive post assists professionals in identifying the top ten highest paying tech jobs in Nigeria that match their skills and experience level.

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