NDA Courses Offered. Nigerian Defense Academy Undergraduate Courses and Programmes Offered. In this reading, you will discover Old and Newly Accredited Courses Offered by the Nigeria Defense Academy, NDA, Kaduna.

The Institution is owned and controlled by the federal government. It is also one of the Uniformed Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

NDA offers undergraduate in the Faculty of Arts, Sciences, Management Sciences, Engineering, etc. These programmes are available for Part-time students who want to optimize their work and study opportunities.

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NDA Courses and Programmes

Here is the complete list of Old and Newly accredited Courses of the Nigerian Defense Academy.

Art and Science Courses are available in the School.

1. BSc Biology
2. BSc Biotechnology
3. BSc Chemistry
4. BSc Mathematics
5. BSc Physics
6. BSc Computer Science
7. BSc Cyber Security
8. BSc Intelligence and Security Studies
9. BSc Military Science
10. B Eng Civil Engineering
11. B Eng Electrical and Electronics Engineering
12. B Eng Mechanical Engineering
13. B Eng Mechatronics
14. BA English
15. BA French
16. BSc Geography
17. BA History and War Studies
18. BSc Political Science and International Relations
19. BSc Defence and Security Studies
20. BSc Psychology
21. BA Arabic
22. BSc Accounting
23. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
24. BSc Economics
25. BSc Management Sciences

This page is updated frequently to reflect the Courses on NDA Portal and JAMB Syllables. However, if the course (s) you are looking for is not in the list, we recommend you check other Uniformed Institutions in Nigeria.

This page is updated frequently to give you the latest updates.

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