The Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB) has released the approved cut-off mark for 2024/2025 academic year. These Cut Off Marks if for  JAMB and Post UTME Screening. If you aspire to enroll at NAUB, understanding these crucial scores is essential. Let’s uncover the required marks and share practical study tips to support your academic ambitions.

As we all know, Cut Off Mark is one of the important requirements and eligibility criteria for admission into any Higher Institution in Nigeria. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about NAUB (Nigerian Army University) cut-off marks for JAMB and Post UTME Screening.

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JAMB Cut-Off Marks for NAUB 2024/2025

For prospective students aiming to secure admission to the Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB), a JAMB score of 160 or higher is a prerequisite. Attaining this minimum score, or outperforming it, is paramount for enhancing your prospects of admission to NUAB.

Cut Off Marks for Post-UTME

NAUBhas set the Post-UTME cut-off mark at 150 for the 2024/2025 academic session. This establishes the baseline for aspiring students to target and surpass during their Post-UTME examination, a pivotal step towards securing admission to NAUB.

Preparation Tips for Success:

Navigating the path to academic success requires strategic preparation. Here are practical tips to aid in your preparation for the JAMB and Post-UTME exams:

Early Start: Commencing your exam preparations early provides ample time for comprehensive coverage of subjects and diligent practice. Starting early can alleviate stress and ensure thorough readiness.

Consistent Practice: Engaging in consistent practice, especially with past exam questions, familiarizes you with the exam format and types of questions. This approach not only builds confidence but also equips you to excel during the actual exams.

Seeking Support: Embracing guidance from teachers, mentors, or reputable online resources can be invaluable, especially when encountering challenges in specific subjects or topics. Seeking support is a proactive endeavor in your academic journey.

Positive Mindset: Maintaining a positive outlook amid your exam preparations is pivotal. Believing in your abilities and nurturing a positive attitude significantly contributes to your success.

NAUB Portal:

Understanding and striving to exceed the JAMB and Post-UTME cut off marks at the Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB) for the 2024/2025 academic session are pivotal steps toward achieving admission to NAUB.

We extend our best wishes as you embark on your journey to secure admission to the Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB). Stay dedicated, remain focused, and foster a positive mindset as you prepare for your exams and aspire to realize your academic aspirations at NAUB.

May your diligent preparations be crowned with success as you journey towards your academic aspirations at the Nigerian Army University, Biu (NAUB).

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