FUDMA Courses and Programs and admission requirements has been discussed here. This reading will be helpful to Prospective students who wish to study in Federal University, Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA). Let us clear your mind and remind you that FUD is different from FUDMA. Both Universities are located in northern part of Nigeria. Everything discussed here is about FUDMA!.

This article aims to provide Nigerian students and admission seekers with valuable information about the various Degree programs available at FUDMA and the requirements for gaining admission. Whether you are a prospective student or simply curious about FUDMA, this article will serve as your go-to resource.


List FUDMA Courses and Programs Offered

You can’t think of going to a university without knowing courses that have been accredited by National University Commission (NUC). This is very important so you won’t face problems graduating or doing your NYSC.
The courses listed below have been fully recognized and accredited by National University Commission commonly known as NUC.

Any other course not seen here has not been approved. We have the latest list you can always rely on. In addition, we have published a post on list of courses offered in other universities and polytechnics in Nigeria.

Without further delay, take a look at the list you are looking for below;

Animal & Environmental Biology
Business Education
Business Management
Computer Information & Communication Science
Early Childhood Education
Education & Biology
Education & Chemistry
Education & English Language
Education & Mathematics
Education & Physics
Educational Administration
English Language
Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology
Food Science
Forestry & Wildlife
Guidance & Counselling
Human Kinetics & Health Education
Industrial Chemistry
Islamic Studies
Library & Information Science
Physics Electronics
Plant Science & Biotechnology
Political Science
Primary Education
Special Education
Teacher Education Science

You are free to study the courses listed above without having any issue.

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You can check them out as both articles are related to this discussion and would provide you with more information.

Admission Requirements and Eligibility for the Above Courses

To gain admission into FUDMA, prospective students must meet specific criteria and fulfill the necessary requirements. It is important to note that these requirements may vary depending on the course and level of study. Here are the general admission requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at FUDMA:

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

1. Possession of a minimum of five credit passes in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English Language, in not more than two sittings.
2. Successful completion of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and attaining the prescribed cut-off mark.
3. Meeting the departmental requirements for the chosen course.
4. Fulfilling any other criteria as specified by the university.

Postgraduate Admission Requirements

1. Possession of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class lower division (2:2) in a relevant discipline.
2. A minimum of 5 O’Level credit passes, including Mathematics and English Language.
3. A good score in the FUDMA Postgraduate Studies Qualifying Examination (PGSQE) or other specified examination.
4. Meeting any other requirements set by the specific department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the application process for FUDMA?

The application process for FUDMA typically involves obtaining the JAMB UTME form, selecting FUDMA as your preferred choice during registration, and meeting the specified cut-off mark. After meeting the cut-off mark, you will be required to apply directly to FUDMA through their official website or any other designated platform for application.

2. Are there any reserved slots for indigenous students?

FUDMA does not have specific reserved slots for indigenous students. However, FUDMA is a federal university, and as such, it prioritizes admitting students from different states across Nigeria, ensuring representation and diversity.

Does FUDMA offer scholarships to students?

FUDMA provides opportunities for students to apply for various scholarships, such as the Federal Government Scholarship Scheme, state government scholarships, and other external scholarships. Students who excel academically or demonstrate financial need may also be eligible for internal scholarships or grants offered by FUDMA.

Can I change my course of study after gaining admission?

In some cases, FUDMA allows students to request a change of course after gaining admission. However, such requests are subject to the availability of slots in the desired course and the fulfillment of specific criteria set by the university. It is important to consult the FUDMA admissions office or relevant department for guidance on the process and requirements.

Is there accommodation available for students?

Yes, FUDMA provides accommodation for its students. There are hostels and residential facilities on campus to cater to the housing needs of students. However, availability may be limited, and priority may be given to first-year students. It is advisable to contact the FUDMA Student Affairs department or visit the official website for more information on the accommodation application process.

What are the employment prospects for FUDMA graduates?

FUDMA graduates have good employment prospects as they are equipped with knowledge and skills relevant to their chosen fields of study. FUDMA has a strong alumni network, and graduates are employed in various sectors such as banking, agriculture, education, government, research, and entrepreneurship. However, securing employment depends on individual qualifications, market demand, and personal efforts in seeking job opportunities.

Is FUDMA accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC)?

Yes, FUDMA is fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria. This means that the university meets the required standards for higher education in terms of academics, facilities, and administration.

We hope that this detailed article has provided you with valuable insights into the courses offered and admission requirements at FUDMA.

Drop your comments below to share your thoughts or ask further questions. Stay tuned to our website for the latest news and updates regarding FUDMA and the Nigerian educational sector.

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