UNILORIN Admission List 2024/2025 for Direct Entry (DE) and UTME Students has been released. This is the right time to start checking your name in the admission list if you applied for admission into UNILORIN.

In this reading, we will cover the Direct Entry admission list, UTME  admission list checker, the JAMB admission portal, merit list, first batch, second batch, third batch, and supplementary list.

Additionally, we will explain how to accept or reject admission on the JAMB portal. kindly use the link below to apply for supplementary form if you you’re interested in UNILORIN admission but did not participate in the admission screening.


UNILORIN Admission List Overview

The UNILORIN admission list is a significant aspect of the admission process for Nigerian students and admission seekers. It serves as a crucial checkpoint and provides information about the students who have been offered admission into the prestigious University of Ilorin.

The admission list consists of two categories: Direct Entry (DE) and UTME. The announcement of the admission list can bring a mix of excitement and anticipation for eager candidates. Checking the admission list promptly is vital to stay informed about the progress of your admission.

How to Check UNILORIN Admission List 2024/2025

To access the UNILORIN admission list, candidates can use the official admission list checker on the university’s portal or JAMB Admission Status Checker Portal. The checker is designed to provide a simple and convenient way to verify admission status. Once on the website, follow the provided instructions and enter the relevant details, such as your registration number or JAMB registration number. It is essential to keep track of the list, especially when waiting for a specific admission batch announcement.

To download or Print UNILORIN admission list PDF, kindly visit the admission portal at https://uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng

JAMB Admission Portal

The JAMB admission portal is another platform for accessing the UNILORIN admission list and any other school in Nigeria. By visiting the JAMB portal and following the necessary steps, candidates can find the admission list and view their admission status. It is vital to regularly check this portal for updates and notifications related to your admission.

How Many Admission List / Batches Would UNILORIN Release?

This question has been asked by many aspirants and we have provided the answers below to keep you well informed.

1. Merit List

The merit list is a compilation of students who have been offered admission based on their outstanding academic performance. Being on the merit list is a significant achievement, as it indicates that you surpassed the admission requirements and are recognized for your excellence.

2. First Batch

The first batch of the UNILORIN admission list includes students who have been successfully admitted in the initial round of admissions. Getting on the first batch list is highly desirable and is often seen as an early milestone in securing admission to the university. To stay informed about the first batch admission list, regularly check the UNILORIN website and JAMB portal for updates.

3. Second Batch

The second batch admission list accommodates additional students who have met the admission criteria. While being on the second batch list might not have the same prestige as the first batch, it still offers a chance for deserving candidates to secure admission. Keep expectations in check and maintain hope while awaiting updates on the second batch list.

4. Third Batch and Supplementary List

The third batch and supplementary lists are additional opportunities for candidates who may not have made it onto the earlier batches. These lists accommodate students who met the admission requirements but were not included in the merit list, first batch, or second batch. It is essential to stay positive and consider these lists as viable means of securing admission.

Accepting or Rejecting Admission on the JAMB Portal

To proceed with your admission, it is compulsory to accept or reject the offer on the JAMB portal. Follow these steps:
1. Log in to your JAMB profile.
2. Check your admission status.
3. If admitted, click on “Accept” to accept the offer.
4. If not admitted or if you have alternative preferences, click on “Reject” to decline the offer.
5. Ensure to meet any deadlines specified by JAMB for accepting or rejecting the admission offer.

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In conclusion, the UNILORIN Admission List for the 2024/2025 academic session is a crucial milestone for Nigerian students and admission seekers. By regularly checking the admission list using the official admission list checker and the JAMB admission portal, you can stay informed about your admission status.

Whether you find your name on the merit list, first batch, second batch, third batch, or supplementary list, each offers an opportunity worth exploring.

We hope this detailed reading helps you better understand how to check UNILORIN admission status and next steps to take after confirming your name in the list.

Remember to drop your comments and continue visiting for the latest news and updates on UNILORIN admissions!.

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